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Kathleen is a native Angeleno. a Californian sinner/ songwriter and political activist who divides her time between the rooftops of southeast London and a MoHo (motorhome) in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains above Ventura County Line.

Arriving in London age 20 with her 1 year old son, her guitar and a sense of adventure she took up a job as an au pair so as to see the world and live a life that she could write about.

Where The Land Meets The Sky (to be released August 2013) is Kathleen’s 3rd album and is her best collection of songs yet. “We built the record around what Kat does naturally & ended up with a vibey, resonant, cinematic sound”

With Chuck Prophet back in the producer’s chair this record is a kind of coming home for Kathleen. Recorded in North Hollywood, mastered in Echo Park and featuring the likes of Greg Leisz, Tom Freund (Ben Harper), Aidan Hawken, Dan Navarro (Lowen & Navarro), Julie Christensen (Leonard Cohen), Derek Brown (Eels), Don Teschner (Rod Stewart), Lorenzo Martinez (Los Texmaniacs) and of course Chuck himself.

Kathleen’s family tree includes Mexican folk hero, Jesus Garcia (Maquina 501) and visionary Irishman Robert O’Dowd, a card carrying member of the communist party and foot soldier in the embryonic stages of the American labor movement. A political activist since her teens Kathleen worked for Tom Hayden’s Campaign for Economic Democracy.

In September 2002 Kathleen joined the STOP THE WAR campaign and was one of the prominent UK writers, musicians, artists and actors signing an open letter to prime minister Tony Blair urging the British government to oppose US plans to invade Iraq.

In 2006 Kathleen had the honor of singing backing vocals as integral part of the choir on Neil Young’s seminal album Living With War.

Kathleen`s lyrics have deep connections with the latent sexual and emotional paradoxes all around us and the lateral insight to pluck the beauty from the backwash. Relationship dynamics are turned inside out, meanings spun on their head and laid out naked in the street. Pregnant silences are decoded and given resonance. Roaring yet fragile, strong and with feeling this album takes her songwriting to a whole new level. Her velvety vocals wrap you up in a warm blanket while the songs’ edgy lyrics provide a whole new perspective on life, loss & love that keeps your finger on the repeat button.

Kathleen’s songwriting collaborators include Steve Noonan, Chuck Prophet, Toby Slater, Phil Colley, Eric Lowen & Dan Navarro (The Bangles, Pat Benetar, The Temptations, The Four Tops), Stacey Earle, Sandy Stewart (Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Belinda Carlisle, Bow Wow Wow) and David Munday.

Her cuts include a song on Stacey Earle’s debut album, Simple Gearle. The song ‘Losers Weep’, features Steve Earle on backing vocals and ‘My Own Way Of Doin’ Things’ on Lowen & Navarro’s, Scratch at the Door…